2014 New Year Goal #1: Run for 100 days to be able to run 13 miles (half marathon)

I've decided to join +giveit100 and run everyday, so by the end of 100 days, I can run 13 miles in one sitting, as if it's a half marathon. I have always hated running, I don't have the patience for it. Most importantly, I did not think I could run a mile without stopping and this will be a great challenge for me because I did not think I was capable. I will commit to running everyday and practice the discipline to follow through because I want to feel healthy, energetic, and look better!

miles per day/schedule
Start date: 1/4/2014
Week 1- 2 miles
Week 2- 3 miles
Week 3- 4 miles
Week 4- 5 miles
Week 5- 6 miles
Week 6- 7 miles
Week 7- 8 miles
Week 8- 9 miles
Week 9- 10 miles
.....feeling tired, don't give up!
Week 10- 11 miles
Week 11- 12 miles
Week 12- 13 miles
.....1 week left
Week 13- 13 miles

Day 1: 2 miles: 25 minutes

Day 2

Thank you to the most loving and amazing boyfriend for being there and supporting me <3


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