Thursday, January 2, 2014

My love for makeup

It's never been easier to document visually anything than now.  Mobile devices makes the process faster, easier, and "sharable." I'm happy +Google+  has made it easier than ever to have all your photos from years ago in one place, at least if you have Android. As today is a new year, looking back at photos of years ago remind us of what we loved and what we aspired to be.

Below are a compilation of pictures of my "journey" to practice makeup, not only to look and feel better, but it gives me a chance to be creative. Learning makeup brings out the artistic qualities in me and indeed, it can be a great distraction during stressful times.

 My interpretation from Black Swan (the movie)

Yup, I even started a YoutTube channel!

I only knew how to apply 2 colors, over and over every day, on every single look.

I experimented with different mascaras for us girls who have no lashes. (Limpy, thin, lashes that don't curl= waterproof mascara!)

Matt lips are my favorite! I love beautiful colors on the eyes.

Eye liner is quiet tricky. Clear skin is the greatest foundation!

Tyra Banks said add a tiny bit of sparkles near the tear ducts to make your eyes look more wide awake! I listened!

Ah, bronzers and highlighters!

The days of the super thin eye brows...

Nails were painted on using a creamy eye shadow color. Inspiration from photo below.

Learning to contour the nose

Bruins for life!

Arranging and breaking down all lipsticks...

Festive for the holidays!

Trying to create tutorials for myself. I can never repeat the same look twice :(

Matte lipsticks can be too matte!

Beyoumakeupshop came about!

Inspirations to one day be great at makeup!

Punched in the eye! ;)

I love my short hair!

Love neutrals!

Inspired by Swan Lake musicals

That's me!

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