It's been x days of running

This was me roughly 3 weeks ago when I first embarked on my journey to run everyday for 100 days. Before this project, it was difficult for me to complete a 1 mile run or jog, without huffing and puffing, but after 3 weeks, I can make it to 1 mile without wanting to give up. I used to be quite jealous of people who sweat a lot at the gym because I did not have the perseverance to run to the point where I would sweat, I just gave up too easily.

People say if you fully commit yourself to something for 100 days, you'll blown yourself away, you might even be really good at it. To be honest, I have not run everyday since I have started, but I have done the best I can within the last 3 weeks. I should be up to 5 miles/run now, but this is the breaking point. I've jogged up to 4 miles (with a walking break after every mile), but my mentality hasn't been there recently. I run at our local community center and I would watch The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family as I run, but there were so many commercials of food that I love: chicken wings, pizza, soda, etc... 

I've been somewhat consistent with running 3-4 days out of the week, considering I work 6/7 days, but I am making good effort to add it into my daily routine to always run. On days where I don't feel motivated, I will still go and do what I can, even if it's 2 miles (including walking).  I used to hate running but now, I feel that after a run, I feel good about myself because I accomplished something for myself, I even started looking into running trails to walk. :)


  1. Hi Hang,

    Did you achieve your target of running for 100 days?

  2. Hi Hang, is this another one of your blogs you have stopped doing?

  3. Why did the blog end?


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